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Season 5 - SERLC Start!

First of all, we would like to use this opportunity and issue an apology to all teams and players who have qualified for SERLC Season 5. Despite our best efforts, we were not able to plan and schedule everything on time, so we are deeply sorry for the long wait. We hope you understand, and promise that we will do our best in the future to try and organize things in a timely manner. Thank you!

And now, the most important part: SERLC Season 5!

Eight incredible teams have qualified for this competition through a fierce battle. In the coming period, a group phase will show the best ones. They will proceed to the PlayOffs in order to decide the Champion of Season 5.


The first matches of Season 5 are starting on November 22 at 6pm CET (Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb). That day, we are going to watch two matches, that will mark the start of Season 5 and the start of a fierce battle for the throne!

Matches will be played in Best Of 5 format, and we will do our best to stream them all live on our Official Twitch Channel!


The list of participating teams can be accessed on our partner's website - Challengermode.

The whole competition will be managed through their platform.


Like we stated before, the Prize Pool for Season 5 is 300€. The prizes will be awarded to:

  1. 200€ for the winning team
  2. 100€ for the second placed team
  3. 2000 credits to the third placed team


Season 5 rules are clearely stated in our Official Rulebook.

3v3 Tournament - All you need to know!

Don't miss this chance! Our 3v3 Tournament will be held on Sunday, September 13 at 6:30pm CEST. The prize pool has been announced already, and the rest of this article will provide all the info you need!

Sign Up

Sign up for SCT#3 - Our 3v3 Tournament - using the following form:

Sign-Ups are now closed


Shortly said, the rules are clear. 3-Player Teams (no subs) will play a Single Elimination BO3 tournament. Each match series played will have one team proceed to the next stage, and one team get knocked out.


As we have stated earlier, the winning team will get 1500 in-game credits, while the second placed team gets 600.


As always, follow our Twitch Channel (with a new, fancy URL btw) and watch live as teams fight for the win, and the prize!

Season 5 Warm-Up: A Tournament!

The wait is over! We are soon stargin Season 5, but before that - it's warm-up time! 

A Tournament for Everyone! All players are welcome!

We're heating things up with a tournament! But in order to offer the best possible fun, we need your opinion. Visit our Twitter profile and answer the survey: Which tournament would you like to watch/play in?

Make a quick decision, the tournament is going to happen in the next week!

Who's allowed to play?

Everyone is welcome, no limits. It doesn't matter which rank you are, where you're from or if you're eating cornflakes with water or with milk - You're Welcome!!


Just like always, Liga Raketa has prepared a prize pool for the winner - whether it's one player or a team. As additional motivation, we promise a prize for the second place as well!

First place award: 1500 credits

Second place prize: 600 credits

Anything else?

And if that's not enough for you, be prepared for the next tournament! It's comming up soon after Rocket League becomes Free To Play!

Introducing: 6-mans tournament!


You've all heard about 6-mans challenge, and now we bring you the perfect opportunity to win some awards by playing in mixed teams of 3.

If you didn't know - TL;DR: Our 6-mans bot will randomly or captains will place you in teams. The teams then play a Best of 5 series, and the winning players get one Win registered. Whoever has the best positive difference at the end of the tournament will be crowned winner.

Oh okay, and when do we begin?

The fist tournament starts today, July 10 at 7:30pm CEST. Join our discord server and take part right away. We will reset the current leaderboard at 7:30pm today, and that will mark the official start of Liga Raketa 6-mans Tournament!


It's our first 6-mans, so we'll be generous, so the prize for this first month will be 4000 credits!

But that's not all!

Second place gets 1500 credits, and third gets 1000!

When does it end? Will we have another?

The tournament ends on August 10 at 7:30pm CEST

6-mans will be held as tournaments between main league seasons. It will be repeated as long as there aren't any other competitions going.

Each 6-mans tournament will last for about a month, and we will announce the prizes for each of them on our official discord!

Who's allowed to play?

Literally all members of our discord server are allowed to play! There are no geographical, language or any other limitations. If you're a member - go to the #6mans-queue channel and type !q

That's it, you're in!