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Superflick Cup - 2v2 madness

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Superflick Cup is another competition held by Liga Raketa. It's a 2v2 cup, played by knock-out rules. Teams are randomly placed in groups. In this phase, they are fighting to stay in the competition by eliminating their opponents. BO3 series make sure that the better team is always proceeding to the next stage of the competition.

The second phase means winners of previous matches are thrown against each other. Again - losers are out. Winners proceed to fight for domination and the prize.

Semi-Finals are played in BO5 format.

At the end, the Grand Finalsawait, where two teams will face off in BO5 format for the title.

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You can watch all matches of the Superflick Cup on our official Twitch Channel, and you can re-watch all of them later on our YouTube Channel. Superflick Cup matches are usually held close to the main competition - Rocket Championship - and the schedule is available here.

All Rules stated in the Liga Raketa Rulebook are valid in the Superflick Cup. All exceptions will be previously announced and pointed out.