Scarab Champions Tournament: Rulebook

The rules described in this segment are valid for tournaments named "Scarab Champions Tournament". The Format of playing these will be decided for each tournament separately.

All participants registered for SCT are obliged to confirm or cancel their participation at least three days prior begin.

Same rules are valid for 3v3 Teams as in the Rocket Championship (5 members, 3 players, two reserves; trainer and manager).

In cases when SCT is held in team formats (all but 1v1), captains or managers are obliged to confirm or cancel the participation on time, meaning at least 24 hours before competition start.

All tournament formats will be described individually, with clearly defined rules.

Teams participating in Scarab Champions Tournaments are allowed to include one "stranger" - a player who is not from southeast Europe.

1v1 Tournaments are an exception to that rule.

Penalties and Sanctions: Scarab Champions Tournament

Rules from the Liga Raketa Rulebook are valid for Scarab Champions Tournament as well.