Our Rulebook


Liga Raketa is an eSports organization, focused on Rocket League. Our competitions:

  1. SERLC - 3v3 team championship/league (full name: Southeast Europe Rocket League Championship)
  2. Superflick Cup - 2v2 tournament
  3. Scarab Champions Tournament - FFA tournament, independent of other competitions
This Rulebook defines rules and regulations for all competitions organized by Liga Raketa, as well as penalties and sanctions for breaking them.
The Rulebook susceptible to future changes, and Liga Raketa is obliged to announce all changes and updates via the official Discord Server, in order to familiarize all members with them.

Players who are allowed to participate have to be or originate from countries of the Southeast Europe region.
Those countries are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

All donations and monetary gifts to Liga Raketa will be used to improve the organization, and to raise the prize pools for our competitions as well.


For situations not described by the Rulebook, Liga Raketa reserves the right to make a decision at the time of their occurrence and to introduce a new clause in the rulebook.


SERLC is our main competition - the 3v3 team championship. Contrary to previous seasons, season 5 introduces a Best Of 5 format. Each future season will have a Qualifier tournament, that will make sure that the 8 best teams will proceed to play in SERLC, where they will fight for the champion title, and the monetary prize. The full name is "Southeast Europe Rocket League Championship".

BOX (Best Of X) means the format of series played by teams or players. Series can be held in BO3, BO5 or BO7 matches. In order to win a series, the team or individual has to win most of the matches played: Two out of three, three out of five or four out of seven.

Transfer means a player moving from one team to another, as well as a new player joining an existing team. Each transfer must be reported to the organization.

Arena means the playfield that the match/series is played on. For every scheduled match, the arena it is played on will be defined too.

Standings are a league table that shows the stats of teams in a competition. Usually, teams are sorted from best to worst, in accordance with their stats at the time of the table-update.

Participant is any registered individual or team that takes part in any of the competitions held by Liga Raketa.

Single Elimination format means the looser of every match is leaving the competition.

Double Elimination format has the losing team move to the "lower bracket". In each following round, the team then plays against the loser of that round in the "winners bracket". If they succeed in beating all opponents in the losers bracket, they get the chance to play against the winner of the "winners bracket". In that case, the final matches are played in BO7 format.

4-match system means a new format of playing competitive matches, and it's organized in a series of four matches. Possible outcomes are win, loss and draw. This format will not be played anymore, because we have switched to Best of 5 with season 5.

General Rules

Penalties and Sanctions described in the following segment are valid for all competitions of Liga Raketa eSports.

Match schedules are published at least three days before matchday.

Participants (players/teams) are obliged to confirm or cancel attendance at least 24 hours before match start.

Replay Files - It is encouraged that participants always save replay files for the matches played, and send to it to our e-mail after the matches. That way we are ensuring to keep accurate team and player stats.

Team names and Player names - All players are obliged to keep the same names they have signed up for the competition with, until the competition is over. The same goes for teams.

Team names and Player names - must not be offensive in any language. 

Captains - Captains or Team leaders are obliged to be members of our Discord Server, in order to ensure direct and undisturbed contact between them and the organization.

Roles - Every team has the right to have a trainer and a manager. These roles must not be changed throughout the duration of the competition, nor is it allowed for the manager or trainer to play for the team.

Leaving matches before end - Players are not allowed to leave a match before it is over. When the match is finished, they are obliged to stay in the lobby until the stats show. They are free to leave after that.


Rules: SERLC

The rules described in this segment are related to the SERLC (Southeast Europe Rocket League Championship).

SERLC is a team competition (3v3), and it is played in Best of 5 format.
Each team registered for participation in Rocket Championship is obliged to confirm or cancel their participation within 24 hours before start. 
confirm or cancel their participation.

Teams registered for Rocket Championship are allowed a maximum of five (5) members, consisting of:

  • one (1) team captain
  • two (2) players
  • two (2) reserve players

Besides those, teams are allowed to have two additional members with the roles of:

  • one (1) coach
  • one (1) team manager

Players must be from Southeast Europe, or have origins there.
One player in each team is allowed to be a 'foreigner' - a person from outside of Southeast Europe.

Southeast Europe countries are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

In cases when the team has a registered manager, that person is tasked with confirming/canceling participation on time.

In case the team has no manager, that duty falls on the captain..


Transfers between teams are allowed between the last match of the season until the beginning of the first match of next season.

Players who leave or are removed from their team, are not allowed to compete in the current season or before transfer-break. Any attempts at manipulation or cheating (smurf/alt accounts, nickname changes) will be sanctioned.

Transfers are not allowed during the season.The mid-season break will be an additional transfer-window.
Players who leave a team during the transfer break, are allowed to join another team's free slot even after the transfer break is over.

Exceptions are players who are not registered or are registered, but have not partaken in the current season (haven't played a single match). This type of transfer is only allowed for teams that have empty slots. 
A slot can be freed only in cases when the player that is leaving the team hasn't played a single match for that team in the current season.
That free slot can be used to register a new player in accordance with the stated transfer-rules.

Transfers are not allowed to happen after the regular season until Play-Off matches are finished.

Transfers between qualifiers and main season are allowed.

After transfers, teams are required to keep at least three out of the original 5 players that they started the season (qualifiers) with. If teams fail to meet this requirement, they will be disqualified.

Rescheduling - Any rescheduling of matches must be done in agreement of both team captains and Liga Raketa.

Sign Up

Team and player registration terms will be published on the website.
The registration form has to be filled with accurate information.

The prize pool will be clearly stated, as will be any entry fee.


Play-Off means that, after the all season matches have been played, the teams in the upper positions of the standings will have to face off against each other once again. A short knock-out tournament will be held, that has the winners advancing towards the finals. The winner of the "Grand Finals" becomes the season champion, while others are positioned in accordance with the standings.


All teams are obliged to Check-In at least 15 minutes before start of each match.

Players not showing up

In cases when teams don't check in on time, the match will be considered lost and the win is given to the opposing team.

Each team that fails to attend two scheduled matches will be disqualified from the competition.

DCs, bugs, glitches and other issues

If only one player loses connectivity during a matches duration, the match continues. The player can return as soon as they are able. In cases where the player cannot come back at all in the series, the break between matches can be used to make a substitute.

In cases when all players are ready, but some of them cannot join a match due to legitimate reasons - being issues caused by the game (bugs, glitches, 'join match' issue), as well as issues caused by psyonix/rocket league servers - that match/lobby will be re-created.


Teams are allowed to forfeit their matches in advance, but are required to announce that at least 30 minutes before the schedule..

Two such cases will have the team disqualified from the competition.

Rules: Scarab Champions Tournament

Rules described in this segment are in raletion to the Scarab Champions Tournament

The Format of play for these tournaments will be published for each tournament separately.

All participants registered for SCT competitions are obliged to confirm or cancel their attendance at least 24h in advance..

Rules for Team competitions (2v2, 3v3) will be published on the respective registration form and the competition description article..

In cases when SCT is held in team formats (all but 1v1), captains or managers are obliged to confirm or cancel the participation on time, meaning at least 24 hours before competition start.

All tournament formats will be described individually, with clearly defined rules.