Rocket Championship: Rulebook

All rules not described in this Rulebook are valid in accordance with the official Rulebook of the Organization that is available on this link.


Rules described in the paragraphs below are valid for the Rocket Championship Competition.

The Format of matches in Season One was BO3. Season Two introduced the 4-match series format. Each team registered for participation in Rocket Championship is obliged to confirm or cancel their participation.

Teams registered for Rocket Championship are allowed a maximum of five (5) members, consisting of:

  • one (1) team captain
  • two (2) players
  • two (2) reserve players

Besides those, teams are allowed to have two additional members with the roles of:

  • one (1) coach
  • one (1) team manager

Every team has the right to register one player who is a "foreigner". This means players who are not from the Southeast Europe region. However, players who live outside of Southeast Europe, but are originally from any of the SE region countries, are not considered "foreigners" and can be registered normally.

In cases when the team has a registered manager, that person is tasked with confirming/canceling participation on time.

In case the team has no manager, that duty falls on the captain..


Transfers between teams are allowed between the last match of the season until the beginning of the first match of next season.

Players who leave or are removed from their team, are not allowed to compete in the current season or before transfer-break. Any attempts at manipulation or cheating (smurf/alt accounts, nickname changes) will be sanctioned.

Transfers are not allowed during the season.The mid-season break will be an additional transfer-window.
Players who leave a team during the transfer break, are allowed to join another team's free slot even after the transfer break is over.

Exceptions are players who are not registered or are registered, but have not partaken in the current season (haven't played a single match). This type of transfer is only allowed for teams that have empty slots.
A slot can be freed only in cases when the player that is leaving the team hasn't played a single match for that team in the current season.
That free slot can be used to register a new player in accordance with the stated transfer-rules.

Transfers are not allowed to happen after the regular season until Play-Off matches are finished.


Team and player registration terms will be published on the website. The registration form has to be filled with accurate information.

The prize pool will be stated, as well as the participation fee.


U trećoj sezoni smo uveli Play-Off sistem.

Play-Off means that, after the all season matches have been played, the teams in the upper positions of the standings will have to face off against each other once again. A short knock-out tournament will be held, that has the winners advancing towards the finals. The winner of the "Grand Finals" becomes the season champion, while others are positioned in accordance with the amount of points gathered in the standings. Each win during the play-off matches adds four (4) additional points to the team's standings, while the winner automatically takes first place.


Contrary to previous seasons, matches will not be cancelled in cases when one or two players are missing (15 minutes before match start). One player is enough to start a match. The players of the incomplete team can choose whether to play with the help of bots or not. This way we will secure that the opposing team and its players won't be losing the opportunity to improve their individual or team stats.


Considering the fact that we will keep the Quad-Seris format, Season Three has introduced the possibility of forfeiting the fourth match in a series.

Teams who lose three matches in a series, have the option to decide and forfeit the last match, giving the opponent a "clean sweep". In this case, additional points are given to the opposing team: One goal, one assist and one save for each player who took part in the series.

The winning team can also forfeit the last match, if they do not want to fight for a "clean sweep", thus giving the win to the series-losing team.

Penalties and Sanctions

Penalties and Sanctions described in the following segment are valid for all competitions of Liga Raketa eSports.

Case: Individuals or teams being late to a scheduled match.
Penalty: Being late up to 15 minutes is tolerated, if previously announced by team members.

Case: A complete team not being ready to play one match in a series.
Penalty: A win is awarded to the opposing team.

Case: A complete team not being ready to play the scheduled series.
Penalty: Considered a forfeit. The opposing team is awarded a win, additional points to compensate the lost stats, and the forfeiting team loses one point on the league standings.

Case: Playing a match with an unregistered player or another team's player taking part.
Penalty: A win is awarded to the opposing team.

Case: Insulting any individual - regardless of nature of participation. Politicians are an exception.
Penalty: Will be decided based on individual situations, and in accordance with the opinions of organization members.