Liga Raketa


Our main objective is to have players from the whole region come together in one place. We are focused on competitive games, and currently we hold regular tournaments and our regional championship in Rocket League.

The organization has made it's first steps in April 2019, attracting more than 100 members within the first two months. During 2020, that number has surpassed 300.

Our competitions attract some of the best players in the region, as well as globally. You can see for yourself by watching our Twitch live streams, or YouTube videos.

The official channels have regular visitos, and we are doing our best to improve the players' and viewers' experience with every stream and every new post.

The fantastic casters duo RydroOfficial and Beastlysteven have helped our competitions achieve a whole new level. Add beautiful transitions and graphics that were made by our members (Vladimir, Digital Wolf, Azur, Chivella and others) and we can surely be proud of what we have achieved so far.

The Future

But don't think that we are stopping - we are far from the end! Constant work and passion are how Liga Raketa plans to offer even more for its members.

We have already achieved a certain level of community and content for Rocket League lovers. Through partnerships with other organizations, we are striving to offer more!

Our long-term plans are to include other video games in our organzation, which will result in widening the playerbase, as well as the challenges that stand before us in the future.

Match Schedule