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ZZZ eSports - the SERLC Season 5 Champions!

After a long and difficult path through SERLC, we were greeted by an exciting Playoff phase!

The first match of the semi-finals had VeNoM Gaming  (who picked up Bread eSports before the seventh matchday of League play) confidently winning against Fort Templar Titans with a 3-1 result, while the other match of the Playoffs surprised us. Fort Templar Renegades with the dangerous player Tokyo in their roster, as well as hoodied, whom we already know as last season's champion, were the favorites in this one. However, ZZZ eSports sweeped them with a clean 3-0 win, fighting their way all to the finals!

After their defeat in the semi finals, Fort Templar Renegades decided to forfeit the 3rd place match, giving away the position to the Titans, leaving us to finish this season with the Grand Finals.

VeNoM and ZZZ have already given us a fantastic match series in the League play phase. Back then, everything seemed to be going ZZZ's way, but VeNoM gathered the last atoms of their strength and turned the result to their advantage. However, the finals painted a completely different picture, as ZZZ started the series very aggressively right off the bat, leaving VeNoM shocked as it seems.

Apart from the attacking strategy, ZZZ have to be praised for their incredible consistency in rotations, shots and passes, which they used to overpower VeNoM gaming. The first match of the BO7 series already showed the dominance of ZZZ eSports, and by the end of the second match, it seemed that VeNoM gaming are standing completely lost against this opponent. The rest of the series is already history, and we can't skip mentioning the player who, as it seems, did most of the work: Scream.

With his outstanding performance, he has removed every doubt, and showed that he wants the Southeast Europe Champion title. With 8 goals in the finals, he showed his class, but also proved why has qualified for three RLCS Regional Events in the past.

ZZZ eSports have been awarded with 200€, while VeNoM gaming is getting a 100€ prize. The consolation price of 2000c will be given to Fort Templar Titans.

Congratulations to ZZZ eSports, the SERLC Season 5 Champions!

Useful Links

All Season 5matches, with details and Videos can be found on THIS LINK.

If you are only interested in the Videos, visit our official YouTube channel

More details are also available on our Liquipedia page

Torpedo League

We are aware that many of our members would love to play in a competitive setting, but aren't ready for SERLC yet. Thus, we are starting the long awaited Torpedo League! It's a lower division of competition, that will be reserved for those who aren't on SERLC level yet, but are ready to play against similarly strong teams.


The rules of Torpedo League are based on the SERLC Rulebook. The additions for Torpedo League are:

SERLC participants (teams and players) are not allowed to partake in Torpedo League.

If it's required, registered teams will be seeded in several divisions. That means that we'll try to place them in groups with equally or closely matched opponents. That way we will attempt to avoid huge differences between skill levels, and by that we should get more interesting matches as well.

Players who would like to take part, but have no team, are allowed to sign up. They may be picked up by other teams, or placed in one with free slots.

Svi učesnici imaju pravo da streamaju utakmice Torpedo Lige, s tim da obavezno moraju staviti Logo i web adresu Lige Raketa na vidljivo mjesto streama.
Isto važi i druge videomaterijale.

The branding is available on THIS LINK.
These pictures are required to be placed on a visible place of the stream or video, and scaled in a way that makes it visible and possible to read them.


Registration for Torpedo League will be done via Challengermode.

When do we start?

As per usual, we are giving you two weeks time to sign up. In case we don't see enough registered teams (minimum of 8), we'll prolong the registration period.


Currenlty we are not ready to promise a prize pool, so Torpedo League is starting as a "for fun" competition. If there are any changes related to this, all participants will be informed timely.


  • SERLC rules, with more divisions (as needed)
  • Streaming and video materials are allowed but need to have our branding (download pictures here)
  • Sign-Up via Challengermode
  • TL starts when we are sure to have enough registered teams
  • Currently, there is no prize pool, but it's possible that that will change

Competitive ruling – Ego Maniacs

Due to Ego Maniacs not showing up for their second match of SERLC Season 5, they will be DQ'd from the competition.

That means?
To fill up their spot in the League, we will be inviting the team that finished 9th in the qualification process for this season, which is Team Puncture.

How will this work out?
Team Puncture will play the remaining matches that Ego Maniacs were supposed to play. As for the matches that Ego Maniacs already played, they will be replayed off schedule.

What will happen to the members of Ego Maniacs?
As they have ruined the competitive integrity of the matches, they will not be allowed to join other teams for the remainder of Season 5, nor play in Torpedo League.

We would like to apologize to the competitors and viewers for this incident. We will do our best to retain the excitement and keep the League as competitive as it was so far!

1v1 Tournament - All you need to know!

Here's another tournament for you, and this time it's the most difficult mode. DUEL!


The tournament starts on Sunday, October 4 2020 at 6:30pm CEST .

Sign Up

Sign up is going through the Challengermode platform!


Here are the rules for this tournament:

- Tournament format is Best of 3 Single Elimination

- All players are required to sign up via Challengermode

- All players are required to check-in at least 20 minutes before tournament start

The winner is determined in two ways:
- Classic win
- First to score 5 goals in a match

- Liga Raketa preserves the right not to show individual matches on live stream


The prize pool is 3000 in-game credits!

The awards will be distributed as follows:

  • Winner: 1500c
  • Second: 1000c
  • Third: 500c


As usual, watch the Tournament on our Twitch channel Live!

3v3 Tournament - All you need to know!

Don't miss this chance! Our 3v3 Tournament will be held on Sunday, September 13 at 6:30pm CEST. The prize pool has been announced already, and the rest of this article will provide all the info you need!

Sign Up

Sign up for SCT#3 - Our 3v3 Tournament - using the following form:

Sign-Ups are now closed


Shortly said, the rules are clear. 3-Player Teams (no subs) will play a Single Elimination BO3 tournament. Each match series played will have one team proceed to the next stage, and one team get knocked out.


As we have stated earlier, the winning team will get 1500 in-game credits, while the second placed team gets 600.


As always, follow our Twitch Channel (with a new, fancy URL btw) and watch live as teams fight for the win, and the prize!

Season 5 Warm-Up: A Tournament!

The wait is over! We are soon stargin Season 5, but before that - it's warm-up time! 

A Tournament for Everyone! All players are welcome!

We're heating things up with a tournament! But in order to offer the best possible fun, we need your opinion. Visit our Twitter profile and answer the survey: Which tournament would you like to watch/play in?

Make a quick decision, the tournament is going to happen in the next week!

Who's allowed to play?

Everyone is welcome, no limits. It doesn't matter which rank you are, where you're from or if you're eating cornflakes with water or with milk - You're Welcome!!


Just like always, Liga Raketa has prepared a prize pool for the winner - whether it's one player or a team. As additional motivation, we promise a prize for the second place as well!

First place award: 1500 credits

Second place prize: 600 credits

Anything else?

And if that's not enough for you, be prepared for the next tournament! It's comming up soon after Rocket League becomes Free To Play!

Season 4 is coming to an end! Who's gonna get the crown?

Yesterday's match between Risky Business and Kulenovići marked the end of this season's matches. The next step are the Play Offs, where the 6 best teams from the standings will face off once again in a Single Elimination tournament, to finally decide the Champion!

We are happy for the fact that the point difference between first placed Ego Maniacs and sixth-placed Karnos eSportsis only 10, pointing out that there is not much difference between these teams, and that every single one of them is ready to win. We expect a treat with lots of goals and "fancy" moves.

"I haven't slept the whole night,
thinking about the champion title and how much it means to me."

Anonymous Season 4 Participant

Looking back

We had 16 teams registered for this season. Unfortunately, not all of them had the capacity to finish the season, Godetic, Insidious and V Syndicate quit before the end. This made placement in the standings easier for some teams, resulting in Eagles, Arn Dorf, Lupus3 and LED Gaming unsticking themselves from the bottom. 

Right off the start, Ego Maniacs and Team Black Diamond have established themselves as season favorites, keeping that status until the end, fighting for first place.

One of the big surprises this season is Kulenovići. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to squeeze into the first 6. Another surprise is We Dem Kidz. Their captain, Terra, can be very proud of their 5th place that takes them to the Play Offs.

Very interesting and long season. It started on April 5 with Team Black Diamond playing against Godetic eSports, and ended yesterday, on July 5, exactly three months later.

Play Offs

Finally, we are presenting the matches that will be played in the Play Offs. Ego Maniacs and Team Black Diamond, the first- and second-placed teams, will be automatically progressing to Round 2. There, they will play against the winners of Round 1.

Karnos eSports and We Dem Kidz are facing off first, while the second match of round one will have Puncture and Risky Businessfacing off. These matches will be held in BestOf3 format.

In the end, winners of round 2 will face off in the Grand Finals , playing BestOf5 and deciding the Champion of Season 4!

Reminder, the winning team gets 150€ and 1000 in-game credits!

These matches will be held on July 19, starting at 5:15pm CEST.Don't miss our Live Stream:

What comes next?

We are aware that the long season took it's toll on the players. Because of that, we will change some details about the competition, and by that changing the way the main league works. The name Rocket Championship will be changed, so it will better represent the competition's cause, and it will be separated into several divisions.

Some rules are going to be changed - regarding participation, but also behaviour, as well as some Quality of Life details in order to further improve the content we provide to viewers and participants.

Season 4

The wait is over!

After the intense third season and superflick cup, we are finally there: Registrations for Season 4 are now open!!

But that's not all! A change in the rules now allows one "foreign" player to be part of your team. This time we know the minimal prize-pool beforehand, and we expect the most interesting season so far!


  • Liga Raketa now accepts teams from a wider region - more accurately southeast Europe. This includes the following countries:
    Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.
  • Minimal prize pool is 100€. If more than 8 teams register, each next payment will be partially used to increase the prize pool.
  • Donations will also be partially used to increase the prize pool, as well as prize pools of other competitions.
  • For purposes of easier communication, we are soon moving towards streaming in English language, as well as multi-language content on the web site.


Register your team right now and fight for the champion title against the best teams of the region.

Fill in the form below with accurate information.


Greek players, Welcome!

So far, we have organized three complete seasons, one tournament and one cup. We've attracted a large number of players from the region, more specifically from the countries of former Yugoslavia. In order to provide more participatns, better prizes and more interesting matches in the future, we have decided to expand our region of action to Southeast Europe. Accordingly, Liga Raketa will now allow participation for players coming from Greece..

Rocket League Greece

What's changing?

The news will bring with it some changes to our rules regarding games, as well as communication.

Of course, our main focus is on the language barrier, which is why we have introduced "English onlychannels into our Discord server, hoping that it will facilitate communication between players and members from countries where different languages are spoken. For the same reason, we have added Google Translate translation options at the top of the page, to help foreign players get more information. We are also working on multi-language posts and site sections, which will gradually improve the overall experience in the future.

The second major change happens in the rulesWe have replaced the current restriction on players from countries in the region with a new one. Namely, each team will now be entitled to one “foreigner”. The number of registered players per team stays at a maximum of five, but one of them is allowed to be a player from non-southeast European countries.

The old rule, that players who are originally from our region have the right to play even though they live abroad, remains. These players are considered southeast European.

So, what happens next?

Greece is the first step towards the expansion of Liga Raketa. We are already negotiating with the Romanian and Bulgarian Rocket League communities, hoping to achieve a great number of players, members and viewers. With that, naturally, the prize pool should expand, as well as the number of competitions we are organizing.

We are in early stages of negotiations with Rocket Baguette also, moving towards cooperation in organizing Rising Stars RL competitions for Southeast Europe.

Odlučen je prvi finalista: Skill Arena

Bližimo se samom kraju treće sezone. Gledali smo mnoge uzbudljive utakmice, nekoliko odličnih ekipa kako se otimaju za pozcije na tabeli, a isto tako i neke od ekipa koje nisu ispunile očekivanja gledaoca. Od samog početka bilo je jasno da će ovo biti najinteresantnija sezona do sad, što se i obistinilo.

Nakon odigranog posljednjeg kola u regularnom toku prvenstva, prve četiri pozicije su čvrsto zauzeli Vaya Con Locos, RNGesus, Marten Gaming and Skill Arena. I jedni i drugi odavno proglašeni favoritima, “Locosi” i Skill Arena su pred sobom imali najteži zadatak – takozvano Finale prije Finala – međusobni okršaj u Play-Offu.

Početak sezone

Ove dvije ekipe su se već jednom sastale – na samom početku treće sezone. Suprotno očekivanjima mnogobrojnih navijača Skill Arene, Zoa, alektech and Hidex su uspjeli da odnijeti pobjedu za Vaya Con Locos. Time su započeli niz od 7 utakmica bez poraza i samo jednog neriješenog rezultata. Izgledalo je kao da je u ovoj sezoni u Locosima sve kliknulo. Igrali su ljepše nego ikad, ali i efektivno – što se vidjelo po ostvarenim rezultatima.

Međutim, Skill Arena nije imala tako slavan start. Osim izgubljene prve utakmice, na drugu – onu protiv Titans-a – se nisu ni pojavili, čime su automatski poklonili bodove protivniku, te dobili jedan kazneni bod. Na njihovu sreću, to ih je samo dodatno motivisalo da ostatak sezone shvate mnogo ozbiljnije. Već sljedeću utakmicu, protiv Eagles-a, u sastavu Deity, Anda & Haregan, pobijedili su clean sweep-om, po prvi put pokazujući svoj kvalitet.

Play Offs

Kroz seriju bez poraza i samo jednu neriješenu utakmicu, Skill Arena je nastavila ka top 4 poziciji i kvalifikaciji za Play Off. Na kraju regularnog toka, zauzeli su četvrto mjesto na tabeli, što je značilo da će u prvoj utakmici Play Off-a da igraju protiv Vaya Con Locosa. Ova utakmica koja je dobila nadimak “Finale prije Finala” među gledaocima – i to s razlogom. Svi smo jedva čekali da gledamo ove dvije ekipe u najjačim sastavima, kako nas časte možda i najboljom serijom utakmica ove sezone. I nisu razočarali.

U fantastičnoj best of 5 seriji, Skill Arena i Vaya Con Locos su pucali iz svih oružja. Finale prije Finala je ispunilo sva naša očekivanja – vidjeli smo prelijepih poteza, akcija, dodavanja i golova. Od prvog trenutka je bilo jasno da su obje ekipe došle sa jasnim ciljem – da pobijede, da se probiju do finala gdje će imati šansu da osvoje šampionsku titulu treće sezone.

Kroz pet odigranih utakmica, Skill Arena je ipak uspjela pokazati da je spremnija. U posljednjem, petom meču, Haregan zabija hat-trick i time odlučuje konačni rezultat ovog susreta, kao i prolazak Skill Arene u Grand Finale.

Preostaje utakmica između RNGesus-a i Marten Gaming-a, koja će odlučiti protivnika Skill Arene u finalnoj utakmici za titulu i nagradu od 100€.