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Počinje Transfer Pauza od 14 dana!

Matchday 6 is finally over. The Standings have separated the best from those less good, but we are only halfway through season 4. Today marks the start of our 14 day transfer break. This means that teams will have the opportunity to improve or otherwise change their rosters, making the second part of the season even more interesting!

We wish good luck to all the captains in finding the best possible roster for their team, and the fight for a better position!

Season 4 starts: All you need to know!

We are finally launching the new season. This time, sixteen teams have registered. This is the greatest number of participants so far.

Players come from all parts of southeast Europe, but also from other countries. Some of the strongest teams from past seasons are back, and this time they will also face off against new and unknown opponents.

Season Start

The official start of season is today, April 2nd at 18:00h (GMT+1 Sarajevo time). The introduction will be made through an informative stream on our official twitch channel, where we will give you more information and answer potential questions.

First matches will be held on Sunday, April 5th at 18:00h (GMT+1 Sarajevo time).

Rules and Awards

Season 4 rules are in accordance with the official rulebook of Liga Raketa.

Additionally, be aware that transfer rules have changed. Starting with the first played mach, teams are not allowed to make any transfers before the mid-season break. All transfers done outside of that period will be considered illegal and will result in consequences and disqualification.

The prize pool for Season 4 winner made of:

  • Monetary prize: 120€
  • In-game prize: 1000credits


As we mentioned before, season 4 will host 16 teams. Take a look at them:

Rocket Championship Registration Deadline: March 31

The wait was worth it. At the moment of writing this article, a total of 12 teams has registered for Season 4. The squads are mostly higher ranks (Champ and GC), and that means great games, plays, moves, passes and fun!

The team registration team will stay open until March 31 2020. After that, we'll have a complete list of registered teams. Besides the well known squads like Vaya Con Locos, Lupus3 and Eagles, a number of new ones has been registered too - and with very interesting members.


  • Registrations end on March 31
  • Season 4 starts on April 2
  • Prize pool has been increased to 110€ + 2000 credits

You missed our giveaway? No worries, we're doing it again this evening...

Last night we had some off-season fun, and ended it by giving away hundreds of credits to our viewers! It started off with 150 credits, but ended up with us giving away a total of 4600 credits!!!

If you missed it, look how it went (giveaway starts at 2:20:00):

Don't miss our next stream! We'll be back tonight at 7pm with new giveaways!

Follow us on our official Twitch channel:

Hoops 2v2 Tournament - Sign Up!

Scarab Champions Tournament Series continues! Unfortunately, we had to cancel the 3v3 Boomer mode tournament. Despite that, we are proceeding with the series, and this time we bring you the 2v2 Hoops Tournament! Show your b-ball skills in a quick tourney. The main goal is to have fun!

Sign up is free of charge, and the prize is 1000 credits. In order to make the prize even more interesting, the winning team will be allowed to register for Rocket Championship without paying the registration fee. The prize can be given away as a gift.

Here are the rules:

  • Game mode: 2v2 Hoops
  • Format: Single-Elimination, Best Of 3, max. 5 goals mutator 
  • Match Duration: 5 minutes or 7 hoops
  • Entry fee: none (0€, 0 credits)
  • Prize: 1000 credits + free registration for Rocket Championship
  • Tournament date: Sunday, March 15 at 14:00h
  • Each team is allowed to have one player who is not from southeast Europe region (see Rulebook for more info)


Players from Romania and Bulgaria are joining us! Welcome!

A couple of weeks ago we invited players from the Greek Rocket League community to join us. In the meantime, we've been working on including the Romanian and Bulgarian communities too. We are happy to announce that they are invited. In order to create a big community of southeast Europe, we have now included all the planned countries - the complete region.

This was the final step of our expansion, and now we have the task of promoting our competitions.


Announcing: Scarab Champions Tournament Series

Registrations for Season 4 are underway, and while we're waiting for the teams to get ready for the championship, we have decided to treat you to a couple of tournaments. We will incorporate them into one big event that will take place in the coming weeks - the Scarab Champions Tournament Series.

Different from the previous SCT that was a 1v1 tournament, this time there will be no double elimination, but single elimination in four separate tournaments!

We will start with Boomer 3v3, then Hoops, Boomer 4v4 and for the end we will have a 1v1 tournament, as a treat!

SCT #2 - Boomer Mode 3v3

SCT Series will start with the Boomer 3v3 tournament, where teams of three players will battle it out in BO3 format. Single elimination means losers go home!

SCT#2 will be played on Saturday, March 7 2020. The exact time of start will be published at least three days earlier.


The tournament is held for-fun, and its main focus is just that - to provide fun for players and viewers!

Liga Raketa will provide 300 credits for each player of the winning team (a total of 900c)! The prize may be increased by the tips (payments) received during the stream.


3v3 Boomer Mode tournament has been cancelled because of a low number of registered teams.

Season 4

The wait is over!

After the intense third season and superflick cup, we are finally there: Registrations for Season 4 are now open!!

But that's not all! A change in the rules now allows one "foreign" player to be part of your team. This time we know the minimal prize-pool beforehand, and we expect the most interesting season so far!


  • Liga Raketa now accepts teams from a wider region - more accurately southeast Europe. This includes the following countries:
    Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.
  • Minimal prize pool is 100€. If more than 8 teams register, each next payment will be partially used to increase the prize pool.
  • Donations will also be partially used to increase the prize pool, as well as prize pools of other competitions.
  • For purposes of easier communication, we are soon moving towards streaming in English language, as well as multi-language content on the web site.


Register your team right now and fight for the champion title against the best teams of the region.

Fill in the form below with accurate information.