Season 4 is coming to an end! Who's gonna get the crown?

Yesterday's match between Risky Business and Kulenovići marked the end of this season's matches. The next step are the Play Offs, where the 6 best teams from the standings will face off once again in a Single Elimination tournament, to finally decide the Champion!

We are happy for the fact that the point difference between first placed Ego Maniacs and sixth-placed Karnos eSportsis only 10, pointing out that there is not much difference between these teams, and that every single one of them is ready to win. We expect a treat with lots of goals and "fancy" moves.

"I haven't slept the whole night, thinking about the champion title and how much it means to me."

Anonymous Season 4 Participant

Looking back

We had 16 teams registered for this season. Unfortunately, not all of them had the capacity to finish the season, Godetic, Insidious and V Syndicate quit before the end. This made placement in the standings easier for some teams, resulting in Eagles, Arn Dorf, Lupus3 and LED Gaming unsticking themselves from the bottom. 

Right off the start, Ego Maniacs and Team Black Diamond have established themselves as season favorites, keeping that status until the end, fighting for first place.

One of the big surprises this season is Kulenovići. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to squeeze into the first 6. Another surprise is We Dem Kidz. Their captain, Terra, can be very proud of their 5th place that takes them to the Play Offs.

Very interesting and long season. It started on April 5 with Team Black Diamond playing against Godetic eSports, and ended yesterday, on July 5, exactly three months later.

Play Offs

Finally, we are presenting the matches that will be played in the Play Offs. Ego Maniacs and Team Black Diamond, the first- and second-placed teams, will be automatically progressing to Round 2. There, they will play against the winners of Round 1.

Karnos eSports and We Dem Kidz are facing off first, while the second match of round one will have Puncture and Risky Businessfacing off. These matches will be held in BestOf3 format.

In the end, winners of round 2 will face off in the Grand Finals , playing BestOf5 and deciding the Champion of Season 4!

Reminder, the winning team gets 150€ and 1000 in-game credits!

These matches will be held on July 19, starting at 5:15pm CEST.Don't miss our Live Stream:

What comes next?

We are aware that the long season took it's toll on the players. Because of that, we will change some details about the competition, and by that changing the way the main league works. The name Rocket Championship will be changed, so it will better represent the competition's cause, and it will be separated into several divisions.

Some rules are going to be changed - regarding participation, but also behaviour, as well as some Quality of Life details in order to further improve the content we provide to viewers and participants.