Torpedo League

What's this about?

Liga Raketa has progressed to a certain level, thus attracting many high-skilled players. In order to make it possible for those who are not yet at that level to have some fun, we are starting Torpedo League!

Torpedo League will host players of ranks up to Diamond 2 (0 - 1080 mmr), and equip them with teams and fair opponents!


General LR rules are valid, and more details will be shared in the coming weeks. The most important goal of Torpedo League is for the players to have lots of fun, to meet new team mates, and to give their all in order to win the Torpedo Champion title!

When do we start?

We cannot plan the correct starting date at this moment. That will happen when we have enough players and teams ready. 


Teams will be created objectively in order to make them similarly strong. That way, we will make sure that the competition will be more fun and interesting for the players and viewers!

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