Season 4 starts: All you need to know!

We are finally launching the new season. This time, sixteen teams have registered. This is the greatest number of participants so far.

Players come from all parts of southeast Europe, but also from other countries. Some of the strongest teams from past seasons are back, and this time they will also face off against new and unknown opponents.

Season Start

The official start of season is today, April 2nd at 18:00h (GMT+1 Sarajevo time). The introduction will be made through an informative stream on our official twitch channel, where we will give you more information and answer potential questions.

First matches will be held on Sunday, April 5th at 18:00h (GMT+1 Sarajevo time).

Rules and Awards

Season 4 rules are in accordance with the official rulebook of Liga Raketa.

Additionally, be aware that transfer rules have changed. Starting with the first played mach, teams are not allowed to make any transfers before the mid-season break. All transfers done outside of that period will be considered illegal and will result in consequences and disqualification.

The prize pool for Season 4 winner made of:

  • Monetary prize: 120€
  • In-game prize: 1000credits


As we mentioned before, season 4 will host 16 teams. Take a look at them: