Hoops 2v2 Tournament - Sign Up!

Scarab Champions Tournament Series continues! Unfortunately, we had to cancel the 3v3 Boomer mode tournament. Despite that, we are proceeding with the series, and this time we bring you the 2v2 Hoops Tournament! Show your b-ball skills in a quick tourney. The main goal is to have fun!

Sign up is free of charge, and the prize is 1000 credits. In order to make the prize even more interesting, the winning team will be allowed to register for Rocket Championship without paying the registration fee. The prize can be given away as a gift.

Here are the rules:

  • Game mode: 2v2 Hoops
  • Format: Single-Elimination, Best Of 3, max. 5 goals mutator 
  • Match Duration: 5 minutes or 7 hoops
  • Entry fee: none (0€, 0 credits)
  • Prize: 1000 credits + free registration for Rocket Championship
  • Tournament date: Sunday, March 15 at 14:00h
  • Each team is allowed to have one player who is not from southeast Europe region (see Rulebook for more info)