Announcing: Scarab Champions Tournament Series

Registrations for Season 4 are underway, and while we're waiting for the teams to get ready for the championship, we have decided to treat you to a couple of tournaments. We will incorporate them into one big event that will take place in the coming weeks - the Scarab Champions Tournament Series.

Different from the previous SCT that was a 1v1 tournament, this time there will be no double elimination, but single elimination in four separate tournaments!

We will start with Boomer 3v3, then Hoops, Boomer 4v4 and for the end we will have a 1v1 tournament, as a treat!

SCT #2 - Boomer Mode 3v3

SCT Series will start with the Boomer 3v3 tournament, where teams of three players will battle it out in BO3 format. Single elimination means losers go home!

SCT#2 will be played on Saturday, March 7 2020. The exact time of start will be published at least three days earlier.


The tournament is held for-fun, and its main focus is just that - to provide fun for players and viewers!

Liga Raketa will provide 300 credits for each player of the winning team (a total of 900c)! The prize may be increased by the tips (payments) received during the stream.


3v3 Boomer Mode tournament has been cancelled because of a low number of registered teams.