Greek players, Welcome!

So far, we have organized three complete seasons, one tournament and one cup. We've attracted a large number of players from the region, more specifically from the countries of former Yugoslavia. In order to provide more participatns, better prizes and more interesting matches in the future, we have decided to expand our region of action to Southeast Europe. Accordingly, Liga Raketa will now allow participation for players coming from Greece..

Rocket League Greece

What's changing?

The news will bring with it some changes to our rules regarding games, as well as communication.

Of course, our main focus is on the language barrier, which is why we have introduced "English onlychannels into our Discord server, hoping that it will facilitate communication between players and members from countries where different languages are spoken. For the same reason, we have added Google Translate translation options at the top of the page, to help foreign players get more information. We are also working on multi-language posts and site sections, which will gradually improve the overall experience in the future.

The second major change happens in the rulesWe have replaced the current restriction on players from countries in the region with a new one. Namely, each team will now be entitled to one “foreigner”. The number of registered players per team stays at a maximum of five, but one of them is allowed to be a player from non-southeast European countries.

The old rule, that players who are originally from our region have the right to play even though they live abroad, remains. These players are considered southeast European.

So, what happens next?

Greece is the first step towards the expansion of Liga Raketa. We are already negotiating with the Romanian and Bulgarian Rocket League communities, hoping to achieve a great number of players, members and viewers. With that, naturally, the prize pool should expand, as well as the number of competitions we are organizing.

We are in early stages of negotiations with Rocket Baguette also, moving towards cooperation in organizing Rising Stars RL competitions for Southeast Europe.